Test, test, test for Radon Gas!

Testing, it is the only way to know. Just because a dwelling is located in a red zone on a Radon potential map, doesn’t mean you have an actionable level of Radon gas and inversely, just because you live in a green zone, doesn’t mean you don’t. We have seen hundreds of homes adjacent to homes with HUGE levels of radon gas, with very low levels.

Rob Mahoney decided back in 2007 after taking the testing certification course, that Radon Works would never do testing. We consider that to be a huge conflict of interest. It is however completely legal today.

We prefer to recommend a variety of professional certified testing companies. If you don’t see a testing service company below that services your area, please feel free to contact us and we will find you one.

Radon Works Recommends The following options for testing:


  • Pinchin Enviormental
    Scott Cryer, 1 855 746-2446

Ottawa Hull

  • Barhaven Home Inspection
    Neil Card, 613 823-8844
  • House Doctor
    Paul Battl, 613 297-2996


  • Mr Radon
    Bob Wood, 888-472-3664
    C-NRPP testings and Radon mitigation services

Chelsea Que

  • Radon Works North
    Arthur Ladouceur, 613 203-9753
    Soil Gas Membranes / Radon mitigation systems

Maniwaki Que

  • MBRadon

Winnipeg Man

  • Radonmatters

Do it yourself

  • Trudel Home Hardware on March rd Kanata sells do it yourself kits and Pro3 Alarms
  • www.radoncorp.com
    Ships Canada-wide a variety of testing options

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